A.C.C. Mediations means Affordable, Creative and Compassionate Mediations. We handle mediations for all types of family law disputes including those involving children and property. In addition we mediate other civil law conflicts. We are located in Boulder, Colorado and serve the Denver Metropolitan area including Boulder, Broomfield, Adams, Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Larimer and Weld Counties.

As far too many people learn the hard way, presenting a dispute to a judge can be expensive, time consuming and emotionally difficult. Afterwards couples can be left with an irreparably damaged relationship and a result neither of them anticipated or desired and which is not in either of their best interests or the best interests of their children. Mediation is not always successful. But if successful, mediation can avoid most of the pitfalls of litigation.

Unfortunately, some mediations can also be quite expensive. A.C.C. Mediations offers mediations at much lower rates than most other comparable mediators. The average attorney mediator in Boulder County charges over $250 per hour. Attorney Alan D. Bourey of A.C.C. Mediations has over 41 years of experience in the family law area and offers his services for only $180 per hour. In addition, if the financial circumstances warrant, he does offer even lower rates.

Often the parties might feel more comfortable with both female and male co-mediators. Alan’s wife, Donna Bourey, is also a trained mediator and will co-mediate with Alan for a total of $180 per hour for both mediators combined. Donna also has extensive experience in the legal field of family law having worked with Alan as his paralegal for thirty years and has been trained as a mediator.

In addition to being affordable, A.C.C. Mediations recognizes that every case is different and that many cases are only resolved by using creative solutions. There is no end to the possible alternatives available to the parties and it takes experience, vision and sometimes imagination to help the parties find the solution that is just right for their unique situation.

Along with creativity, A.C.C. Mediations offer compassion to parties during the mediation process. Both Alan and Donna have themselves been divorced. They learned first-hand that emotional stress and distress almost always accompanies family conflict. Alan and Donna are committed to helping people reduce as much as possible their anxiety and angst. One way Alan and Donna help the parties is by spending time consulting with the parties before the mediation sessions begin. Through pre-mediation discussions, the parties can understand the process better and have a much higher comfort level before mediation even begins. Such pre-mediation sessions can also make the mediation sessions more directed and productive.

Most importantly of course, the parties want to settle their disputes in mediation. Alan Bourey has been able to settle 90% of all the cases that he has mediated. That does not guarantee that your case will be settled, but it should give you confidence that Alan is effective and that if each of the parties comes to negotiate in good faith that they have an excellent chance of resolving their dispute.

Alan also serves as a parenting coordinator and as a decision maker assisting parties who have difficulty working together for the benefit of their children and as an arbitrator rendering decisions in place of court proceedings.

You can reach Alan Bourey at alan@boureylaw.com or at 720-204-0162.

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